Antique furniture restoration

Antique furniture restoration can be as simple as removing grime followed by a light clean, or it may include a complete rebuild. But the main purpose is take your piece of furniture and restore it to the original appearance and function.

Over 40 years of experience in antique furniture restoration

We offer credibility built up through providing hundreds of customers with outstanding restoration work over the last 40 plus years.

Visit our gallery to see some examples of restoration work.

The cross over of conservation and restoration

Conservation and restoration often cross over and both elements are invaluable in the correct treatment of an antique. Restoration often requires re-gluing because parts were loose or damaged.

Conservation is achieved by retaining the original finish and conserving all of the original colours and textures.

Restoration work onsite

Where possible we bring your item to our workshop just outside Fleet in Hampshire to undertake the restoration process. However, in some cases where the piece is fixed or too big to move, we will carry out the same restoration process onsite.

Have you had and insurance claim for damaged furniture?

Many customers have accidental damage cover for their furniture and contents.

We can provide you with an insurance assessment and report, plus a free quote to have the repairs completed, restoring your piece to its original posterity.

To try our furniture restoration service for yourself, call today on 01252 851048
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